20 Questions for Joyce Craig After Accepting Maura Healey's Endorsement

Salem, NH - State Representative Joe Sweeney, Founder of Granite Solutions, issued the following suggested "20 Questions" for the New Hampshire Press Corps to ask Joyce Craig after she received and accepted Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey's endorsement:

1. What specific policies of Governor Maura Healey do you admire and plan to replicate in New Hampshire if elected?

2. How do you reconcile Governor Healey's support for stricter gun control laws with the Second Amendment rights of Granite Staters?

3. Governor Healey has been a strong advocate for higher taxes including the new Massachusetts' "millionaires tax" that many Bay State Residents are fleeing from. Are these the same policies you intend to bring to New Hampshire?

4. As a candidate for Governor, how do you justify accepting the endorsement of a Massachusetts politician, given New Hampshire's historically independent political character?

5. Given Governor Healey's stance on expanding government regulation, how will you assure New Hampshire's small business owners that their interests will be protected?

6. What is your position on Governor Healey's support for sanctuary city policies?

7. How will you ensure that New Hampshire remains a state without sales or income tax, a principle that stands in contrast to Governor Healey's fiscal policies?

8. Can you explain how your policies will differ from those of Governor Healey, particularly in areas where her positions have proven controversial?

9. Governor Healey's endorsement suggests a closer alignment with Massachusetts-style politics. How do you respond to voters who are concerned about this?

10. How will your administration balance environmental concerns with economic growth and job creation, given Governor Healey's aggressive climate change policies?

11. Will you commit to not implementing the type of lockdown restrictions that Governor Healey endorsed in Massachusetts?

12. How will you address the fears of Granite Staters who are worried about potential increases in healthcare costs, given Governor Healey's support for a single-payer system?

13. Governor Healey has been a vocal supporter of expanding the government's role in education. How does this align with your views on educational freedom and parental rights?

14. How do you plan to approach criminal justice reform, considering Governor Healey's progressive stance on the issue?

15. Will you maintain New Hampshire's tradition of limited government and fiscal responsibility in light of Governor Healey's endorsement?

16. Governor Healey has been involved in multiple lawsuits against private businesses. Is this an approach you intend to continue if elected as Governor of New Hampshire?

17. How do you plan to uphold the New Hampshire Constitution, especially in areas where it may conflict with Governor Healey's progressive policies?

18. How do you respond to critics who claim that accepting Governor Healey's endorsement signals an intention to make New Hampshire more like Massachusetts?

19. Do you plan to consult Governor Healey on policy matters should you win the Governor's race?

20. What does Governor Healey's endorsement say about the kind of campaign you're running and the kind of governor you aspire to be?