Dem Rep. Anita Burroughs struggles with notion that crimes against children are bad while Republicans are allowed to exist

Salem, NH - Rep. Joe Sweeney, Granite Solutions Chairman and Founder, released the following statement after Rep. Anita Burroughs (D-Bartlett), equivocated the crimes committed by former Democrat Rep. Stacie Laughton to the crime of being a Republican: 

“Rep. Anita Burroughs must spend far too much time online to actually believe that being a Republican is as much a danger to society as former Democrat Rep. Stacie Laughton. Make no mistake - Democrat Laughton’s multiple crimes against society, including issuing fake bomb threats and the transmission and acceptance of child pornography, makes her far more dangerous to society than any political opponent with a differing political opinion. Rep. Burroughs comments are insensitive, offensive, and dangerous towards all Granite State children, but we can’t be surprised coming from a House Democrat who voted against Parental Rights in order to subject your children to even more predators like Stacie Laughton.”