Did Manchester Taxpayers Subsidize Joyce Craig's Campaign Announcement?

Salem, NH - State Representative Joe Sweeney, Founder of Granite Solutions, issued the following statement regarding failing Mayor Joyce Craig potential misuse of a Manchester funded asset to launch her campaign for Governor:

"Last night, Mayor Joyce Craig launched her gubernatorial campaign with a private event at the Rex Theatre. This theater was redeveloped in 2019 with funds from the Manchester Development Corporation - a city asset that falls under Mayor Craig's direct oversight. This raises serious questions about potential conflicts of interest and the improper use of city funds and assets. 

The people of Manchester deserve to know if their city's funds were used appropriately. The idea of public resources possibly being used to advance a personal political ambition is deeply troubling. It undermines the public trust and could potentially represent a severe misuse of power.

At a time when our citizens are struggling with rising costs of living and other challenges brought about by misguided Democrat policies, it's critical that our leaders remain transparent, accountable, and committed to serving the public interest above their own.

I urge Mayor Craig and her campaign to provide immediate and full transparency about the funding and organization of her campaign event. The public deserves to know whether city assets were used correctly and ethically. Did Joyce Craig's campaign pay the Rex Theatre or the Manchester Development Corp. for the venue?"


Manchester Ink-Link October 2019: "Mayor Joyce Craig said the project worked because of a partnership formed with the city, Peter Ramsey, president and CEO of the Palace Theatre Trust and the Manchester Development Corp. (MDC) that came up with a viable plan. The MDC provided the $1.7 million loan while the Palace Theatre Trust oversaw the renovation and will oversee the operation." 

Manchester Development Corp: "Under the direction of the Mayor and Board of Alderman and in concert with the City’s Economic Development Director" https://www.manchesterdevelopmentcorp.com/