House Democrat Nominee Hal Rafter Wants to Defund Police and EMTs

Salem, NH - Today, Rep. Joe Sweeney expressed deep concern over Hal Rafter, the Democratic nominee in the special election for Rockingham District 1, Northwood and Nottingham, and his endorsement of defunding the police and EMTs:

"Hal Rafter's stance on defunding the police and EMTs is not only alarming but downright dangerous. Our law enforcement officers and emergency medical professionals are on the front lines every day, protecting our communities and saving lives. They deserve our unwavering support and resources, not politically motivated cuts that would cripple their ability to serve the Granite State," said Rep. Sweeney.

"The idea of defunding the police and EMTs shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the essential services they provide. It's a policy that puts ideology before the safety and well-being of our citizens. I urge the residents of Northwood and Nottingham to recognize the severity of this position and its potential detrimental effects on our community."

"Here in New Hampshire, we value the safety and security of our neighbors. We understand that the answer to complex societal problems is not to simply cut funding but to engage in thoughtful dialogue and collaboration. It's time to hold Hal Rafter accountable for his stance and to stand with those, like Northwood Selectman and Fire Chaplain Jim Gustofski, who truly have the best interests of Granite Staters at heart."


BACKGROUND: Video of Hal Rafter suggesting cuts to police, EMTs.