Joe Sweeney Launches Granite Solutions to Support Fiscal Conservatives at the Ballot Box

Salem, NH - State Representative Joe Sweeney released the following statement after launching Granite Solutions, a Political Advocacy Organization dedicated to electing fiscal conservatives in New Hampshire:

“As a concerned Granite Stater I want to make sure our state is on the right track for the future,” said Granite Solutions Chairman, Rep. Joe Sweeney. “That's why I'm launching Granite Solutions, an organization supporting fiscally conservative candidates at the local and state level right here in New Hampshire. Every local and state election we see a flood of out-of-state money supporting fiscally reckless and irresponsible candidates by getting out the vote for their side while conservatives are left to their own defenses. The goal of Granite Solutions is to fight fire with fire and organize a united front through supported digital, mail, and get-out-the-vote texting campaigns that will get fiscal conservatives elected to their town hall and to the State House.”