Only 38% of New Hampshire Democrats Support our FITN Primary

Salem, NH - State Representative Joe Sweeney, Founder of Granite Solutions, issued the following statement after the latest UNH Survey revealed that only 38% of New Hampshire Democrats support our First in the Nation (FITN) Primary:

"As a lifelong Granite Stater, I'm deeply concerned by the recent UNH survey revealing that only 38% of New Hampshire Democrats support our state's sacred First in the Nation Presidential Primary law. This tradition is not just about politics—it’s about our heritage, our national significance, and our opportunity to hold our nation's leaders to account.

The law safeguards our state's historical and statutorily supported position of hosting the first presidential primary in the nation. It's a tradition that ensures our voices are heard loud and clear in every corner of America. Unfortunately, New Hampshire Democrats are threatening this significant aspect of our democracy, putting their interests in appeasing their base and the D.C. Democrat machine before the will of the Granite State.

As Granite Staters, we pride ourselves on our fierce independence, our dedication to uplifting voices, and our commitment to preserving the principles that have defined our state for generations. It's deeply worrying to think that if Democrats take control of our State Government in 2024 that they might undo this crucial part of our identity to fall in line with a national agenda that doesn't reflect the needs or wishes of New Hampshire citizens.

I urge all Granite Staters to stand up against this potential erosion of our state's political identity. We must not allow our state's tradition and influence in the presidential primary process to be undermined by those who don't value the unique role we play in our nation's politics.

Preserving the First in the Nation Presidential Primary law isn't a matter of partisan politics—it's about standing up for New Hampshire. Let's come together and ensure our voices continue to resonate in the presidential primary process, just as they have done for over a century."



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