Sweeney Blasts NH's Federal Delegation for Open, Porous Border

Salem, NH - Representative Joe Sweeney, Founder of Granite Solutions, released the following statement calling out New Hampshire's all-Democrat federal delegation for their failure to secure our borders as illegal crossings reach new highs:

"The alarming increase in illegal border crossings into New Hampshire over the past 10 months is inexcusable. This surge, exceeding the total of the previous nine years combined, underscores the failure of our federal delegation to secure our borders, both north and south. While the nation focuses on the southern border, our northern front is also vulnerable, highlighting the systemic neglect of our Democrat federal representatives. New Hampshire residents deserve answers and immediate action. I urge our federal delegation to prioritize our border security and protect the Granite State's safety and integrity. It's time for more than words; it's time for decisive action."